Saturday, March 20, 2010

Capable of Telling the World About 'The Mighty Boosh'

I wish I was... capable of telling the WORLD about 'The Mighty Boosh'!

Okay, so while working on this horrible research paper, I have one of my favorite shows playing. I had this remarkable idea to do a whole post about it. It's called 'The Mighty Boosh' and it is one of the most amaizing shows I have ever seen. I discovered it this past summer, and I'm now in love with it. It's the cheesy British show, about these 2 men, one a gorgeous, vain, young guy, and the other an older, kill-joy stuck in the Jazz age. Together they get themselves into many crazy situations, and rely on a short wizard of sorts and his gorilla to save them.

It's a hilarious show, and each episode is sure to make you laugh.

You've seen Old Greg, right? If not check it out!

Sorry about the ridiculous quality, it's all YouTube has to offer at the moment.

WATCH WATCH WATCH (: Cartoon Network's Adult Swim at 1 am Saturday morning!
you won't regret it.

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