Saturday, March 13, 2010


I wish I was... tan.

With my junior prom coming up in less than a month, I need to start working on my tan. I am very fair skinned to be polite, but in reality I'm paler than Edward Cullen! So today, I caked myself with tanning lotion, plugged into my ipod playing some upbeat summer songs, and layed out. This was the first time in months it's been warm and sunny enough for me to do this. Kandee Johnson, (my personal make-up savoir!) says that the tanner you are, the skinnier you look! So, I'm going to knock out 2 birds with 1 stone! I lay out for 2 hours! That's a long time. I come inside and check out my newly tanned body and to my dismay, no tan lines. Nothing. I was just as pale as I was before I stepped outside! I shouldn't be expecting results so quickly, but I gave in and called a few local tanning salons. I decided to start tanning at a local gym, and I'll start Monday to see how it goes!
I'm no stranger to tanning beds, for that's the only way I can seem to maintain a tan without burning and blistering! I'm aware of the risks, but hey, I only have ONE junior prom, and I'm willing to risk it! Haha.

Above is the tanning lotion I used today, It has a VERY strong cocoa smell, and it leaves marks like a self-tanner would. It was $9.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply and I used it as a last resort. I do NOT reccommend this product.

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