Monday, March 15, 2010

More Like My Grandfather

I wish I was... more like my grandfather.

My grandfather, on my mother's side, (my papa) is the most amazing person I know. His story is the kind of story that truly gives me hope.

Ever since I was a little girl my Papa was always very protective of me. Being his first grand-child it was understandable. He built himself up from nothing, he went from being a lower-class underprivileged child, to being the most wealthy person in our family. After all of his accomplishments he still faces so many hardships today. My Papa is the rock in our family.

My Grandmother is addicted to pain-killers. Hardcore stuff. Morphine, Vicodin, every pain-killer I can think of is one I associate with my grandmother. She is killing herself slowly, and everyone knows it. Even she knows, and my Papa sticks by her side even through her withdrawal rages.

My Uncle, who is my Papa's son, is an alcoholic. I mean, one of the worst. My Papa took him in, bought him a travel trailer, and he now lives for free on their land, using their electricity and eating their food. My Papa is always there for him, even when he is pissed beyond belief.

Every time I see my Papa he is all smiles. He makes me laugh by telling goofy jokes and pulling hilarious pranks on me. He comes over to visit us often, he lives just right down the road from us. He stops by every Tuesday and Thursday to drop our paper off, and yet even in the roughest times of his life, he always manages to put a smile on mine, and my siblings faces.

My Grandfather means the world to me, and without him, I think my whole family would all be lost. He has recently came close to losing his own mother, and by the looks of it she does not have much time left. It gives me hope to see how strong he is through all of this. I have NEVER met anyone who is as unselfish and caring as he is. He is a true hero in my life, and I love him with all of my heart.

We all know someone like this, and we should all be grateful that we do. It is good people, like my Grandfather, who keep this world from being totally morally corrupt. This has been weighing heavy on my heart, and even if I said thank you, a million times... it would not be enough.

I love you, Papa.

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